1-16-05 I haven’t had very much creativity lately as I have lost my best friend. Hope to get back to doing some creations in the near future. I’ve added Quiet Nights to the Figure Studies Gallery. Used Photoshop extensively.

11-26-04 Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been pretty busy with projects lately and have neglected to put up any new creations. I hope you enjoy Alienated added to the Fantasy Gallery. Rain Dancer to the Figure Studies and Woman’s Intuition to the Emotions Gallery.

05-30-04 Added Windtalker to the Emotions Gallery. She was chosen for the Daz 3D Gallery for May.

11-01-03 Added Photoshoot III and Pearl to the Figure Studies Gallery. Pearl was inspired by the great artist JMW Chranoska. Thanks for viewing.

11-01-03 Today is the day in which the new book Virtual Humans by Peter Plantec is released. A totally different concept for 3D books which gives you all the background you need in order to create your own virtual human. The Poster art for the book is Simone! If you haven’t read the reviews take a tour of the virtual human site! You won’t be disappointed. A book worth having in your collection!

10-31-03 Happy Halloween! I have much to share with you. I was blesssed to have some of my art in a book entitled Femme Digitale by Michael Burns. Actually, the UK version has my cover art of which I was very honored. A wonderful tutorial book made up of a wonderful group of talented artists.

6-9-03 Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. The last four months have been overwhelming in as much as I have hit a wall which has prevented me from creating. I’m sure we get these blocks once in awhile but I’m slowly coming out of it. I have added a new creation in the Figure Studies Gallery entitled Claire. Enjoy and be blessed!

2-19-03 Added a new creation to the Figure Studies Gallery called Simone. Hope you like it. Be Blessed!