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All Graphics Are Copyrighted© 1999-2006 Art Of Spirit Galleries Ellie Morin And Cannot Be Used Without Permission

Welcome to the 3D Galleries of Ellie Morin. I have an affinity for art. It evokes and communicates feelings that may be difficult or impossible at times to put into words. This is not a pornographic site. However, if you have an aversion towards the human anatomy do not enter.

Here you will find a large selection of 3D computer generated art. The galleries are broken into five sections.

The Spiritual Gallery includes Angels, and the Holy Family. The Figure Studies Gallery are studies in the human anatomy and nudes. If you are offended by nudity, do not enter the galleries.

The Emotions Gallery deals with just that, Emotions! The Fantasy Gallery includes fairies, witch's, warlocks and some neat looking characters. WIP Galleries are creations using various filters and brushes in Photoshop. Several of the creations in the galleries were included in the books entitled Digital Beauties, Virtual Humans and Femme Digitale. Bio gives you an idea of what makes me tick. Links has been put together over the years of my favorite places. If you find any broken Links, let me know. Be Blessed.


Recent Additions

10-30-10 Added Pool of Hope to the Spiritual Gallery. Was created for the Broward Co. Breast Cancer Benefit 10-10-10 Blessings.


12-25-09 Merry Christmas folks. I've been pretty busy this year and haven't had an opportunity to post any works. So here goes, I've posted Immortal Beloved and At A Glance to the Figure Studies Galleries. The first is dedicated to two beloved friends that passed over this year. I know in my heart they are and will remain Immortal. Be Blessed


1-26-09 Added Peaceful Blessings to the Figure Studies Gallery. Be Blessed


1-11-09 Added Nightfall to the Emotions Gallery. Photoshop and Poser 7. Be Blessed


1-4-09 Added Unknown to the Spiritual Galleries. and it contains a powerful message regarding Faith. Be Blessed.


7-4-08 Added Spirit to the figure study gallery. It is a poster I have created for a Breast Cancer Auction this year. Save the Ta Ta's people!


7-4-08 Added a piece called Relationships to the Emotins Gallery. A little play on words. Be Blessed


3-31-08 I added Right Of Passage to the Fantasy Gallery using Poser 7 and Victoria 4.2. Excellent model to work with! Be Blessed-31-08


9-30-07 Added The Ancient One to the Fantasy Gallery. Enjoy and be Blessed.


9-23-07 Added Tribal Wisdom. Created in Poser 7 and CS2. Hope you enjoy it at much as I did creating it! Be Blessed.


9-14-07 For years I have read the books of Caroline Myss and have truly enjoyed them. Her newly released book, Entering the Castle is excellent. It took me on a journey which led me to create Consciousness. The book will take you on a journey of your Soul. Remember also that when you stroll down the streets of your soul without an open heart, you more than likely will end up as an accidental tourist!! Be Blessed


Check out Virtual Humans by Peter Plantec. A totally different concept for 3D books which gives you all the background you need in order to create your own virtual human. The Poster art for the book is Simone! If you haven't read the reviews take a tour of the virtual human site! You won't be disappointed. A book worth having in your collection!

Check out Femme Digitale by Michael Burns. The UK version included my cover art. A wonderful tutorial book made up of a great group of talented artists.

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